6 Year Blogiversary

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Ask Me Anything

I can hardly believe that on the 25th my blog will be 6 years old! When I first started this blog I wasn’t really sure where to go with it or how I would fit into the beauty community. All that I knew is that I loved makeup. Looking back on some of my very first posts it’s clear that I didn’t even know to talk about it. Some of y’all can describe these products as if you created it in the lab yourselves. It can be intimidating. But I knew that if I kept at it eventually I’d loosen up and would feel comfortable just being myself.

That’s the approach I have taken here at Midwest Glam. A more personal approach. I often share tid bits of my personal life. I’ve had people tell me I should keep the two separate. I’ve even had people say that they don’t care they just want to hear about the makeup. The thing is the two are very much connected. For example, any time I’m sharing a new Wet n Wild product you can bet that my husband drove me around (on his ONLY day off) to at least 20 different drug stores trying to track it down. All while keeping me caffeinated and fed because I can get cranky otherwise. In fact both of my guys play a VERY big role in my blog. Even my son who will compliment my looks telling me that my eyebrows are ‘on fleek.’ Believe me, I know that my brows are anything but fleeky, but I love him for trying.

This coming year I would actually like to start sharing MORE of my world with you all. Starting with an Ask Me Anything post! You can click this link to ask me anything. Completely anonymous! Or if you’d like you can just ask in the comments. If I get enough questions I’ll follow up with the answers in another post. Maybe I’ll even answer in a video? No promises though!

I know it’s not the most exciting Blogiversary post, but it’s different from the others I’ve done. And I thought it might be a nice way for y’all to maybe get to know me a little better. So if there’s anything you’d like to know, now is your chance!

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  1. Wow, 6 years is incredible! In online years, that’s like FOREVER. ;)
    That is adorable that your son compliments your brows as being on fleek!
    stashy recently posted…My Blogging HighlightsMy Profile

  2. Wow amazing 6 year..i wish you even more wonderful years to come… So nice of your husband and son for supporting you in their own way, it means a lot I can understand.. :)
    Anubhuti recently posted…Real Technique Expert Face Brush ReviewMy Profile

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