A hairy situation

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I know I keep going on and on about my hair issues, but it truly has been a traumatic experience. I’ve been through a lot in my almost 40 years and while this problem ranks rather low on the list, it’s still a problem. You can call me dramatic all you want. I know there are very real problems in the world. But it’s never really JUST about the hair, is it?

You guys have heard the story a few times now. In the beginning of the year I decided to ditch the boxed dye and start getting my hair professionally colored. They always tell you to leave it to the professionals. They know what they’re doing. Well, over $300 later and a head full of fried hair, I’m left wondering what’s so bad about boxed dye. My ‘crappy’ boxed dye certainly never left me looking like this.

A hairy situation

Taken a few days apart.

When I arrived at my appointment at Hollywood Hair in Shiloh, IL, I was greeted by Josh. He sat me down and discussed our game plan. I showed him a photo of what I wanted and he assured me he could deliver. I was upfront about my use of boxed dye. He suggested we use a lift. He said I could skip it, but then went on to tell me how he’d literally seen hair melt without the use of this lift. Naturally I went with the lift. I told him to do whatever he felt was necessary. I also told him about my sensitivity to keratin based products. He assured me that there were other proteins we could use that wouldn’t negatively affect me. I honestly believed I was in good hands.

A hairy situation

Fresh out of the salon. Vibrant. Pretty. But not what I wanted.

When I walked out of the salon I was happy. There were a few things I didn’t like. For one, he cut my hair much shorter than we had discussed. No surprise there. Lots of these guys are scissor happy. The color was also off. I wanted more of a purple/magenta color and he had done a more vibrant red. I wasn’t mad at it, but it wasn’t what I really wanted. However, I felt refreshed and my hair was looking pretty good. That is until I washed it and the color washed out. Once my hair dried it crunched up and was so stiff. I was afraid to touch it. I frantically messaged Josh on Instagram and his response was so… rude. He basically told me that fashion colors need protein to hold onto and since he couldn’t use keratin my issues were inevitable. Funny how he failed to mention that during our game plan chat where I clearly stated I couldn’t use keratin based products. So much for those other proteins, eh? Then he went on to tell me how he knew I needed that product that he tried to upsell. I passed on it because we had gone so over budget and I wanted to ensure I had enough for a tip. Maybe if he would have told me ‘Hey, you’re really going to need this to put the color back into your hair because as soon as you wash it… adios vibrant red hair!’ Then again I probably wouldn’t have opted for the Paul Mitchell POP XG colors to begin with. Because they really do wash out rather quickly. But the gimmick is you have to purchase their ColorCraft which was ok to keep the color looking decent. However, it’s extremely messy and apparently discontinued now.

For the record, I’m no stranger to these so called fashion colors. My hair has been every shade of red and purple. The color does wash out over time. But I’ve never had it completely wash out in just 2 washes! It’s usually a gradual fade that lasts until my 6 week touch-up. The real problem is, he messed up and won’t own up to it. The lift was unnecessary. But it was an added charge so yay for him. The lightening was fine. I’ve had my hair lightened a few times. Sitting under the heat lamp for well over an hour… that was the problem. But I guess these guys had other things to do. And that’s how I ended up with this problem.

A hairy situation

Note the timestamps. That’s how long I was sitting under that heat lamp. Actually it was longer.

It makes me angry because I’m honestly a very forgiving person. Had he owned up to his mistake and offered to make it right I would have gone back for years to come. We could have worked on the other issues. But to brush it off like it’s MY fault? That really got to me. I’ve been holding onto this anger and resentment ever since. But I have to finally let it go. Move on. And trust that karma will catch up with him.

Just after the Hollywood Hair disaster, I visited another salon. Everything was going great until it wasn’t. I could go into detail, but I really don’t see the point. In the end it brought me here. Right back where I started. In the care of my husband. Before I got on this salon kick, my husband was my stylist. He colored, styled and cared for my hair. The moment I let other people put their hands on my hair was the moment things started going downhill. I’m his only client so he can take his time. He loves me so naturally he’s going to take very good care of my hair.


My husband’s work.

And now the healing process truly begins. My husband colored my hair exactly how I wanted. Not only does the color pop in the sunlight, but it even pops indoors. It finally shows up on my camera and phone! Although it does shift from purple to magenta depending on the lighting. Indoors it’s more purple. Outdoors it’s more magenta. Is it a perfect ombre? No. But considering the fact that he had to go in after these so called professionals to clean up their mess, I think he did an amazing job. Also, I can’t lighten it more due to the current state of my hair. We were able to safely lift all of the old semi-permanent dye before applying the new colors. I think any more processing would set back my healing process. Right now we’re just trying to do what’s necessary for upkeep and I’m completely happy with that.

A hairy situation

Loving the purple!

As for hair care, the only heat that is used is from my flat iron and curling iron. I never exceed 360 degrees. I’ll link all of the products I’m currently using down below. These are what I find work best for my hair type. My hair is naturally wavy and prone to frizziness. It’s long, thick, and textured. Up until fairly recently it felt like straw. I believe that was due to the weekly blow drying during my salon visits. During which I suffered a lot of breakage. My hair really doesn’t do well with those round brushes. I understand that the blow drying was necessary, but I have to wonder why my fragile hair wasn’t given a more gentle approach. Anyway, my hair is finally starting to feel more like hair. I do still have a few stubborn strands, but my hair is definitely more manageable. I’m already seeing improvement. It’s not much, but any step forward is still a step forward.

I think if you take anything away from this it should be this… if you’re happy with your current hair care routine, do you and to hell what anyone else thinks or says. During this whole process I’ve had people rudely remark how this is exactly why you should leave it to the professionals. Except a so-called professional is the very reason I’m even in this situation to begin with. Also, don’t be fooled by stylist’s Instagram portfolios. They’re only going to put their best work forward. No different from what us bloggers do. I’m not going to post my worst photos or looks. I want to put forth only the best. Naturally they are going to do the same. The difference is, when I look back and cringe over older posts, I choose to leave them be. Why? Because I’m not perfect. That’s where I started and I’m not ashamed. The cringing is just a natural reaction. Hah! With these guys it’s all an illusion. They’re not going to show you where they started. They’re not going to show you the client’s hair they rushed through so they could get started on the next. They’re not going to show you the poor girl’s hair they fried because they were too busy eating cupcakes and chatting it up. Please don’t get sucked in the way I did.

I promise this is the last you’ll hear of this. I just really needed to get it off my chest. And if I’m able to help someone in the process, even better.

Have you ever had a really bad salon experience?

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  1. I think, unfortunately, we all experience a bad hair situation at least once! Your husband has done a really great job! x
    Siobhán recently posted…Beauty bundle giveawayMy Profile

    • That’s true. I think I’m just frustrated because every place here has ended very badly. This was the worst though. I’m still suffering from the effects of it months later. And thank you! He’s a very patient man. :)

  2. I’ve always been scared to let anyone do anything to me no matter what it is! If someone is gonna mess something up for me I much rather be at fault! The good thing is juan really did an amazing job! I’m telling you, he really should get his own salon! lol..

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