Blaq Dual Sided Wipes

January 8, 2018 | Beauty | 10 Comments »

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Blaq Dual Sided Wipes

Blaq Dual Sided Wipes

Blaq Dual Sided Wipes

Blaq Dual Sided Wipes

I have an Alex drawer full of makeup removing wipes. I mostly use them for removing swatches or lipstick. I hardly ever use them on my face because I just don’t like the way my skin feels afterward. I’ve yet to meet a wipe that has left my skin feeling clean without irritating it. That is until I tried the Blaq Dual Sided Wipes.

I know that sounds like an ad, but I assure you, these wipes are the real deal! These nifty wipes are dual sided. The smooth side can be used to cleanse your skin. It’s enriched with activated charcoal and gently removes surface level makeup and dirt. The textured side exfoliates skin for a deeper clean. Blaq claims it works like a magnet drawing out impurities and dead skin cells.

I didn’t detect a scent. That’s a huge plus for me. The cleansing side did a pretty good job at removing makeup including eye makeup. I didn’t even have to rub my eyes that much. One or two wipes and my eye makeup was gone! My eyes can be very sensitive to wipes and usually tear up during makeup removal. That wasn’t at all the case with these wipes. The exfoliating side is where the real magic happens. I gently exfoliated my skin paying more attention to my t-zone as the instructions suggested. I could see the dirt and stuff left behind on the wipe afterward. My skin? It was left feeling silky smooth!

I can’t say enough good things about these wipes. I love them! While I wouldn’t rely solely on a wipe to cleanse my skin, these do the job just the same. With the added bonus of exfoliation. And the best part is that they play nice with my super sensitive skin! I can also see these coming in handy for travel. They’re so convenient. No need to bring cleansers and exfoliators. I especially like using these the night before I plan to do a look for the blog. Come morning I get to start with a nice smooth base that is radiant and looks healthy. These are a keeper for sure!

*I received these products complimentary. I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this review. All opinions are completely my own.


Product: Blaq Dual Sided Wipes (25 wipes)
Price: $12.95

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  1. I’ve actually tried a similar product to this (different brand) and LOVED the concept. Especially perfect for travel as they really cleaned and cleansed my skin.

    sonia // daring coco recently posted…French BlueMy Profile

  2. I haven’t heard of this brand before but these sound pretty amazing! xx
    Beautylymin recently posted…The K-Brand taking the beauty world by storm: Touch In SolMy Profile

  3. I’m not familiar with this brand but the wipes is unique to me. Don’t think I’ve ever tried a similar one before.

    • I haven’t either, but it was really fun trying out something different. And it’s always fun adding a new favorite to the loves list.

  4. I have a similar experience with wipes in general. I feel like they don’t do a great job at removing makeup unless I rub my face for 10 min, and I always get red after using them. I’ve never seen any wipe like these though!
    Lulle recently posted…Best of 2017: My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Products (not French!)My Profile

    • Yeah my sensitive skin can’t take much of that rubbing. And then to have an icky residue left behind afterward? No thanks! These are really great though!

  5. What an innovative concept – can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like this! Charcoal is great to draw out impurities. It’s good that they’re unscented – so many people are sensitive to fragrance.
    stashy recently posted…Massive PurgeMy Profile

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