Blend Mineral Cosmetics HauteLook haul

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Blend Mineral Cosmetics HauteLook haul


Blend Mineral Cosmetics HauteLook haul


Glitter G-07


Shimmer Powder 15


Shimmer Powder 25


Shimmer Powder 49


Swatches (Dry, Left to Right): Glitter G-07, Shimmer Powder 15, Shimmer Powder 25, Shimmer Powder 49


Swatches (Wet, Left to Right): Glitter G-07, Shimmer Powder 15, Shimmer Powder 25, Shimmer Powder 49

Back in October I decided to use a $20.00 off coupon for these super cute mineral eyeshadows on HauteLook. I pretty much got them for free since they were just $4.50 apiece. Not bad, eh? I have never heard of the brand before, but the eyeshadows looked gorgeous and the price was just too good to pass up. When my package finally arrived (HauteLook does take a while, but it’s SO worth the wait) the eyeshadows were all covered with a large sticker. Probably to keep the eyeshadows from opening and spilling everywhere. I appreciate the effort, but even a hair dryer couldn’t get that sticky goo off. It’s not that much of a big deal, but it does look rather tacky. Sticky goo aside, the eyeshadows are in fact gorgeous and extremely pigmented when applied wet. I’m not too crazy about the dry formula, but even when used dry it still provides you with decent color payoff.

I posted a look below of me wearing Shimmer Powder 25 on my lids. I applied it wet and as you can see it’s super pigmented! I was also surprised that it lasted all day (well over 10 hours) without creasing.


Overall I’m very happy with my purchase. These eyeshadows will definitely get some use and I’m even considering buying a few more shades directly from their website. Shimmer Powder 41 and 44 are SO pretty!


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