February haul

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This is a photo of some of my purchases over the past month. I’ve already photographed and swatched everything. I’m in the process of testing/playing and forming it all into posts. What? I’m serious!

This past month my husband helped me set up a mini studio in our bedroom. It took a while because we had to research and shop around a bit. I wanted something that was decent quality and wouldn’t take up so much room. The apartment we’re living in now is rather small and we plan on staying here until we move into our OWN home which is going to be another year at least. So I had to set something up for the time being. Anyway, even though the apartment is super tiny, my bedroom is quite large. It’s got a pretty decent size closet and holds a queen size bed, 2 night stands, an elliptical, desk, tool box, my camera and lighting equipment. I have more than enough room to get around and exercise, but if I add on things WILL get cramped and will definitely start looking cluttered. My husband wanted to go all out and get me a fancy backdrop with several types of lights, etc. We could have fit all that in our room, but the idea of using up every bit of free space made me feel uneasy. I really don’t like things to look cluttered. So I cut a few corners and we ended up with a setup that works for me. Is it perfect? Nope. But it works! No more sitting in the house sulking because it’s too rainy and gloomy to take photos. No more breaking down the table and running it all over the yard for that perfect amount of sunlight. No more dodging mosquitoes/bees/hornets. No more crazy gusts of wind knocking down my limited edition lipsticks (this has happened a few times, poor RiRi). No more freezing my butt off! Now all I have to do is turn on the lights and get to it! Easy. Just the way I like it! Now I can stop crying about how awesome my setup at the old house was. As awesome as it was the lighting was inconsistent.

So be on the lookout for lots and lots of posts!

Drugstore coupon haul

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Purchased By Me


Drugstore coupon haul


Drugstore coupon haul


Drugstore coupon haul

One of my new favorite YouTubers is CoffeeBreakwithDani. Last week she posted this video where she purchased an Almay trio for .99! Now, I’m not what you would call a couponer, but I thought that was a great deal. So after speaking with my best friend who is a pro couponer (she also sent me the $2.00 off Almay coupons) I decided to go couponing at Walgreens!

Everything up there cost me $21.52. The Wet N Wild was NOT on sale. That was just an impulse buy. Some of the items didn’t ring up at .99 as they should have so instead of paying .99 for some items I ended up paying $2.99. I forgot to ask the sales associate to scan the booklet. Once I figured out where I went wrong everything rang up at .99! I really only should have paid $16.87, but considering my newb status I think I still did pretty darn good. I mean most of these items were originally $7.99 each and I only paid $21.52 for 10 items!

Original Price Including Taxes: $70.02
What I Paid Including Taxes: $21.52
What I Saved: $48.50

Not too shabby, right? This was actually pretty fun and I’ll have to keep an eye out for deals like this in the future.

Mini online haul

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Purchased By Me


Mini online haul


Sephora samples


House of Lashes order

A week ago I did a little online shopping. Retail therapy FTW? I mostly took advantage of the double points promo Sephora had going on. Except I was one of the lucky ones who got awarded TRIPLE points! So I ended up getting a Lancôme Color Design Palette in Teal Fury, bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 8.0 The September Issue, OPI Color Blasted Turquoise Glitter, and a BUNCH of samples!

I also got 2 Lynnderella nail polishes in S.W.A.K. and The Stars In Her Eyes. And in case you couldn’t tell from my recent swatches I also picked up one of the new Illamasqua nail polishes in Speckle. I have gotten SO many compliments on that polish in the few days I had it on. But I’ll save that for the proper review.

All the way in back there you can see one of the new NARS Satin Lip Pencils in Lodhi. I seriously had to contain myself because I wanted them ALL! But with all the newer Spring/Summer collections coming up I really have to pace myself. So I settled on Lodhi which I thought would be perfect for Spring! Last, but certainly not least, I placed a small order at House of Lashes. I ordered the 2 pack Ribbon Eyelash Case and the Bombshell Lashes from the Goddess Collection. I can’t get over how cute the eyelash cases are! I don’t wear lashes often, but I do like to experiment and wear them out for special occasions. So it’s nice to have a cute little box to store them and keep them safe for when I do need them.

So there you have it! My mini online haul to keep me busy until the mega hauling I plan on doing VERY soon!


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