MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes: Teal

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MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes: Teal


MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes: Teal


Swatches (Left to Right): Nighttrain, Colourful Life, Freshwater, Sex & Disco, Sketchbook, Fashion Legend

I was so excited about the MAC Antonio Lopez Collection mainly because of this palette. The packaging is so stylish and well, cool! I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging. *lowers head in shame* The teal palette was an easy choice because I’m all about teals/blues/greens. Who am I kidding? I’m all about ANY and ALL colors! But I’ve never been known to pass on teal anything. So there you have it.

Nighttrain is a charcoal gray with crystalline frost, Colourful Life is a dark teal, Freshwater is a midtone sparkling blue with blue pearl, Sex & Disco is a sparkling cool silver, Sketchbook is a glittery blackened olive, and Fashion Legend is a black with pink pearl. Colourful Life would have to be my favorite of the 6. It’s such a beautiful teal shade! All of these shadows flowed nicely together making it easy for me to create a nice look. Which you can see below.


I used Colourful Life on my lid, Sketchbook in my crease, Sex & Disco on the outter corner of my crease, Freshwater on the inner part of my lower lash line, Fashion Legend on the rest of my lash line, and Nighttrain on the inner corner of my eye and as my highlighter. It lasted all day with very little to no creasing or fading. I did experience a little bit of fallout, but it wasn’t so bad. And the glittery bits sitting just above the wing part of my liner is a glittery gold liner from elf. *shrug* I was trying something out. If it didn’t apply so patchy I think it would have turned out pretty amazing.

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Trio in Fever Ray

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Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Trio in Fever Ray


Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Trio in Fever Ray


Swatches: Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Trio in Fever Ray

Last weekend my father and I did a little shopping at the mall. I like randomly stopping at Sephora to check out their clearance/sale section. It seems every time I do I score some great items at a great price. This time I found all 4 of the Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Trios for HALF OFF! I bought 3 of them for $11.99 each! I decided I didn’t need Dreamer because I already own so many similar shades. Up first is Fever Ray.

I really love how this one swatched on my hand. I’m mostly satisfied with how it applied on my lids with the exception of that 3rd eyeshadow. I was really hoping to get that really nice rich burgundy color, but that’s just not what I ended up with. However, I’m still very pleased with this palette and the look I was able to create. You can see that look below.


I applied the 1st eyeshadow on the center of my lid, inner corner of my eye, and as a highlighter. I applied the 2nd eyeshadow in my crease. I applied the 3rd eyeshadow on the inner and outer part of my lid and on my lower lash line. The 1st eyeshadow was a little powdery, but not overly so. The other 2 were soft. They all blended nicely and lasted all day with very little to no creasing or fading. It really is a pretty trio. I’m going to try using a different base to see if I can get that burgundy to pop more. It probably just needs a little nudge.

September 2013 Wishlist

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1. Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Daisy Plum 976 – $32.00
An ultra-nourishing, long-wearing formula, in a haute couture color. This extraordinary lipstick does what most long-wearing lip colors do not. It dresses your lips in voluptuous, long-wearing color, while simultaneously providing definition, moisture and nourishment to the lips.

2. Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish in Carter – $9.00
Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish in Carter can be best described as a royal purple in a matte, textured, sparkling metal finish.

3. MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes/Teal – $44.00
A limited edition palette from MAC for Fall 2013.

4. Giorgio Armani Face & Eye Palette – $88.00
Giorgio Armani premiers a satin shadow that delivers long-lasting fine color film for a comfortable, no-smudge effect. On the first tier – a feather light face powder with micronized particles of Micro-Fil™ technology illuminates the skin with the signature “Armani glow”. On the second tier – two matte eye shadows in intense hues and a “satinized” illuminator formulated with the new Color-Fil™ Technology.


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