SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set

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SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set

SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set

SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set


How beautiful is the SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set? When I first saw it floating around Instagram I just knew I had to make it mine. But it was sold out! Lucky for me it became available on preorder just before my birthday. So my mother-in-law and her husband ended up getting it for me. Happy Birthday to me!

It was my first time ever ordering from SauceBox. They stated that preordered items would ship on a certain date and it did in fact ship on that date. Within a few days my package arrived. Everything was packaged nicely. The pans are much larger than typical pans. They came enclosed in a plastic package that was tucked inside a black cardboard package. They were all bundled up in a small black drawstring bag. There was also a small handwritten note included in the package. All very nice touches.

Some of the shadows have some markings on them. I think it was from the plastic packaging. It appeared to be touching/rubbing against the top. But nothing was broken or even scratched. Minor imperfections aside, the shadows were all soft and smooth. They’re nicely pigmented. They applied and blended beautifully. Even the darker brown shade! I also want to point out that even though they look intimidating in the pan, they are surprisingly very wearable. While you can totally create a nice bold look with this set, you can just as easily tone it down and create a more natural Autumn friendly look.

I’m really happy that I was finally able to get my hands on this set. You can see a look I created with the Autumn Goddess Set below. I’d also like to note that I used that first shade as my highlighter too. When I applied it on the inner corner of my eye I thought that it would make a great highlighter. So I just went for it. If you decide to try it out too, use a very light hand because as I mentioned they’re very pigmented.

SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set
SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set

I hope you all have a very safe and Happy Halloween!


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