Truly CBD Acne Patches

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Truly CBD Acne Patches

Truly CBD Acne Patches

Truly CBD Acne Patches

Truly CBD Acne Patches

One day while browsing Ulta I stumbled upon these cute CBD Acne Patches from Truly. I’ve tried acne patches in the past and never had any success. But these contain CBD which is a natural anti-inflammatory. So I had to give them a try to see if they were in fact different from the others.

The package contains 36 acne patches. They contain salicylic acid and 5 MG of CBD. The plant shaped patches are a little tricky to peel off. I feel like a round shape would have been much easier. Starting at the base is the easiest way to peel it off. If you reach for the top leaf the other leaves will give you trouble and start to tear. Trust me. Base first. The shape also makes it difficult to cover blemishes. Thankfully mine weren’t so big so they covered my blemishes perfectly. If you have a rather large round blemish that you’re trying to cover, you might have trouble with these. Which is too bad because they do work! My blemishes didn’t disappear over night. However, by morning they weren’t anywhere near as red and inflamed and the pain was gone!

My skin is far from perfect. It’s sensitive and I have rosacea. I don’t deal with breakouts as often as I used to. About once a month I’ll get one two pimples around my chin. They usually don’t bother me so I just let them be. I stick to my usual routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Within a few days I’m good. But once in a while I end up with a stubborn pimple that sets up camp and refuses to leave. It’s nice to have something to help speed up the healing process. These patches do just that.

Overall, I really liked these patches. I wasn’t expecting much since these types of products never work for me. The shape is a little tricky to work with, but the patches do work! Again, blemishes won’t just disappear over night. But by morning the redness had calmed down enough for me to apply makeup and not have a blemish beaming through. I’ll definitely purchase these again.

Have you ever tried acne patches or other spot treatments? What are some of your favorites?


Product: Truly CBD Acne Patches
Price: $13.00


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