Webster’s Pages Color Crush Planner Kit in Dark Pink

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Purchased By Me


I’m a hardcore planner. I plan anything and everything. Sure, there are times where I say to heck with it and just go with the flow, but I’m an organized planner at heart. I take notes on my iPhone, MAC, random pieces of paper which are organized neatly on my desk. I’ve searched everywhere for a planner that will suit my needs. Because for once I’d like to have an all-in-one place for all of my notes, ideas, and plans.

I remember standing in Target several months ago staring at the small selection of planners on the shelf thinking ‘That’s it?’ A girl standing beside me said ‘It’s so hard to choose. None of them fit my needs, but I need something…’ I nodded because that’s exactly what I was thinking. So I grabbed the best of the worst and tried to make it work. But I never stopped searching for that perfect planner. Then it happened. I stumbled upon the planner hashtags on Instagram. I didn’t know that there were so many planner geeks out there! I also didn’t know that nicer, functional planners actually existed. Let me tell you… they do!

So after watching dozens of unboxing videos on YouTube for the Webster’s Pages Color Crush Planner Kit, I decided that it was the planner I was looking for all my life. I thought that obtaining this planner would be as simple as going to the website and ordering it. Nope. Apparently I’m not the only one who thought this planner was perfection. I found out that my best bet would be to pre-order one on Etsy. I pre-ordered one back in June. I was told that my order would most likely ship around the first week of July. Months went by and I eventually cancelled my pre-order. Long story short the seller got some in stock finally and reached out to me. Within 2 days of ordering (again) I had my dream planner in my hands! It was a long wait, but it was so worth it!

Here are some photos of my unboxing.


The first time around I ordered the teal which actually looks more turquoise to me. My favorite colors are turquoise and pink in case you couldn’t tell. Anyway, when I went to reorder one of the in-stock planners the teal was sold out so I opted for the pink. I’m so glad that I did. It’s so so so pretty! Even my husband said the pink was more my style. I have to agree.

As you can see from the photos the planner is packaged perfectly. Unboxing it really is exciting. On the inside cover there are pockets for you to store some stuff n thangs. There’s really nothing fancy about the dashboard, but it’s all good because I’m planning to order a pretty one on Etsy. The first section is labeled Write It Down (thoughts, ideas, dreams). The second section is labeled Memory Keeping. The third section is labeled Lists To Love (to do, goals, menu, shopping list). The fourth section is labeled Staying Inspired and it contains beautifully decorated inspirational quotes/sayings. The fifth and final section contains the calendar. The inside of the back cover contains a small note pad for note taking layered on top of another pocket. It’s pretty tight so I doubt you could fit much in there. On the side of the note pad is a holder for a pen or pencil. This planner also comes with a bookmark that is decorated with gold polka dots. There’s also an extra calendar pack and a sheet of stickers tucked inside. The Etsy seller added a free washi tape with my order. It’s not a design or color I would use for every day, but it looks like it would make for a nice decoration during Christmas time. You can see it below.


I’ve already started designing my own inserts and dividers. I’m making my own personalized menu sheets along with my own blog schedule sheets. That’s what really sold me on this planner. Being able to personalize it. We all have specific needs. One planner does not fit all. At least not in my freakishly organized world.

Now to figure out how to make my own stickers. Because it’s getting pretty costly. I’ve already spent about $50 on the accessories alone. It’s pretty addicting. That and there’s so many cute things! I just can’t help myself!

I don’t know what else there is to say. I love this planner! So much that I’m going to order another one for my business. It’ll be perfect for keeping track of orders, recipes, recipe ideas, shopping list, etc. The plain old notebook I’m using now just isn’t cutting it. I can already picture one of these beauties decorated with my company logo. And I may as well get the matching folio to hold all of my accessories. See? I might have a problem…


In case any of y’all are wanting one, I figured I’d help you out and list the only stores on Etsy that currently have these planners in stock. If you’re impatient like me and don’t want to wait a year and a day, make sure the listing says IN STOCK. Otherwise you will be paying for a pre-order that could take months to ship out.

I Luv Design (where I got mine)
My Rubber Stamp
Redd Robin Studios

Love/Hate Tag

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I don’t get the opportunity to participate in tags much, but I do love reading the answers and sharing some of my own. So thank you for tagging me, Lulle! Most of you here probably already know her, but if you don’t you should totally check out her amazing blog at beaumiroir.com.

10 Things I Love

1) My family – I know this might sound like a given, but it’s much more than that. My family is my why.

2) Exercise – Ok so you’re probably thinking ‘You sure don’t look it.’ Well, I’m confident that one day my love for being active will show lol.

3) Coffee – Lots of people love coffee. But how many of them do what I call the Coffee Dance? I will seriously start dancing the moment my daily coffee hits my hands. And if I’m being completely honest, most times it’s what gets me out of bed so early in the morning.

4) Baking – I’ve loved to bake ever since I was a kid pushing out baked goods from my Easy Bake Oven. Today I bake anything and everything. My son is always giving me great ideas for new things to whip up. I hope to one day open my own little bake shop. But right now I’ll settle for at least getting my Etsy shop up and running.

5) Laughing – They say laughter is the best medicine.

6) Traveling – I love visiting new places, seeing new things, trying new foods, etc. This world is a big place and I want to see as much of it as I can.

7) Rocky Movies – These movies are easily the most quoted around my home. And for good reason. They’re inspirational!

8) Music – Whether I’m at home, in the car, in the bath tub, or whatever, music will always set the mood for me. I prefer metal and rock, but I’ll also rock the oldies and even some hip hop from time to time. I’m all set with country though.

9) Spreading happiness – Nothing makes me happier than seeing others happy. I often go out of my way for the people in my life just to see them smile. It’s a great feeling.

10) Life – In my 34 years I’ve been through a lot. I’ve had a lot happen to me and I’ve been knocked down more times than I care to count. It was never a matter of IF I wanted to get back up because no matter what I always do. I may have lost a lot, but I’ve gained so much more. I may have fallen behind, but I always catch up. Life is beautiful that way.


10 Things I Hate

1) Injustice – I’m going to have to steal one of Lulle’s answers. But this is definitely a big hate for me. So much so that my husband utters the words ‘Calm down, Batman!’ several times a week. True story.

2) Bugs – Keep them the hell away from me. Or you’ll hear me screaming from miles away.

3) My brother-in-law – Because he’s a big fat piece of donkey chet.

4) Loud chewing – It’s like nails on a chalk board for me. See also: brother-in-law.

5) Liars – I don’t like being lied to. But who does?

I’m sorry that I can’t think of 10 things. There’s not much that I hate I guess. I’d rather try and focus on the good anyway. :)

Now I have to tag a few people. Of course you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. I’m sure y’all know the drill! I tag Anne from lindalibraloca.com, Julie from collectivebeautyblog.com, and Zovesta from glamourvortex.wordpress.com.

Fitbit Charge HR

February 3, 2015 | Lifestyle | No Comments »

Purchased By Me


I’ve been a Fitbit user for almost 3 years now. I absolutely love my Fitbit! The very first Fitbit I owned was called Fitbit One and it was a tiny tracker that you could clip to your pocket. After that I upgraded to the Flex which was a tracker in the form of a bracelet. I really liked the idea of the bracelet, but the Flex didn’t offer much else. Progress was tracked with a dot. There were 5 dots in total and once you got one dot lit up you achieved that percentage of your daily goal. I was excited when I heard about the Force because I heard you could see your stats in real time. Unfortunately I didn’t get to order one as they were discontinued before I got the chance to. Luckily something better came along. Something much better! Enter the Charge HR!

The Charge HR like the Flex is in the form of a bracelet. It’s a tad bulkier, but not by much. It’s much nicer looking and easier to handle. It straps on like a watch for a more secure fit. One of the things I like most about this? Any vigorous hand movements won’t send my Fitbit into sleep mode. The Charge HR automatically tracks your sleep without having to tap it multiple times. You can still tap your Fitbit to instantly see the time or your steps (you can set that feature in the app) without sending it into sleep mode.

You can also see all of your stats right from your Charge HR! Including the time, steps, miles, calories, stairs, and heart rate. Even better? There’s a new feature that will alert you (vibrate) when someone is calling you on your cell phone! This is especially useful to me because when I’m in the kitchen doing my thing I can’t always hear my phone. Or if I’m out shopping and my phone is tucked away in my purse I can’t tell when I’m getting a call. You can’t exactly miss a vibrating wrist. That’s easily one of my favorite features.

I’ve heard some talk about the lack of battery life. I started using my Charge HR right out of the box and didn’t have to charge it until 4 days later! I usually get about 4-5 days of wear time before having to charge up. I do however have a few tips for lengthening your battery life. If you’re not doing any strenuous exercise, disable the HR feature. I only enable mine when I’m getting into some intense cardio. Otherwise, I really don’t need it on. Also, try not to check the stats so much. I only check the stats from my Charge HR when I’m out and about and don’t feel like reaching for my phone. It really does make a difference. I also charge up once or twice a week around bed time when I know I won’t be active. That way I don’t miss out on logging my activity for the day.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about this new tracker. I guess I could say it’s a tad touchier than the Flex. It seems to pick up an added step or two at times. And when I’m on the elliptical I actually have to use the bars and swing my arms in order for it to track my activity. But those are fairly minor compared to the awesome features and overall performance.

I’d also like to mention that I really dig the new features on the app and website. I love the challenges feature. Boy do those challenges really motivate you! I can’t even tell you how far I have been pushed. Actually I can! Before the challenges my record was about 32k steps. Now? I’m at about 45k steps! I’m aiming for that 50k next! And there’s a shiny badge that goes along with it!

Do you have a Fitbit? Do you have another type of activity tracker?


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