LORAC GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette

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LORAC GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette


LORAC GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette


Swatches: First 5 Eyeshadows


Swatches: Last 5 Eyeshadows

The LORAC GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette…. or the one that ALMOST got away. There is a long story that goes with this palette. You see, back when it was first launched I happened to be browsing the Ulta website. I had this bad boy in my cart, but couldn’t bring myself to buy it just then. Even though it was only $20.00, I felt that I had done enough damage for the week. So I slept on it. I woke up and was still undecided so I talked it over with my husband who usually always responds the same way. ‘Just get it. I know how you are. When it sells out you’re going to regret it.’ He was right. I went to my cart to find it empty. The LORAC GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette was out of stock. I figured it was no big deal. I could always visit my local store and purchase it. That’s when the chase started. The ONLY Ulta store within a 50 mile radius was sold out. I still felt like that wasn’t quite the end of the road. There’s always eBay or Amazon. eBay only had one palette listed and it wasn’t crazily priced. I was outbid by $1.00. Next I took my hunt to Amazon where I did find 3 palettes in stock. For double the price! I waited it out for a week hoping Ulta would restock. After a week of waiting I decided to finally get the overpriced palette on Amazon. Only to find out that all 3 palettes were now sold out. Feeling a little hopeless someone was willing to swap a brand new LORAC GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette for one of my limited edition/sold out blushes. Both were of equal value so it was a pretty fair trade. Until the swapper said they were going to send me a tester. I’m sorry, but that is NOT a fair trade. I felt grossed out just thinking about everyone’s germy fingers all over it and how all the alcohol in the world couldn’t convince me it was safe. But that’s just me.

At this point I had given up. My family and I went away on vacation and while out shopping I wandered into Ulta. I got super excited when I saw the tester, but the excitement quickly fizzled when I was told they were sold out. I had officially given up. That is until my husband walked into the house one day and handed me this. *points up* I may or may not have cried tears of joy. He’s the sweetest man ever!

I couldn’t wait to dig in which is why you can see my finger prints all up in there. I really do try to photograph the goods before using them, but sometimes my excitement gets the best of me. And I waited far too long to get my hands on this palette. So there you have it. You can see a look I created with it below.


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  1. I’m sooo glad you finally got it!! I know how much you wanted this! lol. a tester…lmao. that’s all I’m sayin’! lol

    • Me too! I really thought it was going to be the one that got away. And yeah, a tester that’s been fondled by God knows how many people for a brand new limited edition sold out item is just not a fair swap. Somehow the swapper didn’t understand that.

  2. Hey Lisa Marie, I’m always so impressed with how you use brighter shades! This palette looks like a fun one to play with!
    Sunny recently posted…Kiehlโ€™s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing ConcentrateMy Profile

  3. This palette looks awesome! It has some great colors in it! I love the look you created :)

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