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I don’t get the opportunity to participate in tags much, but I do love reading the answers and sharing some of my own. So thank you for tagging me, Lulle! Most of you here probably already know her, but if you don’t you should totally check out her amazing blog at

10 Things I Love

1) My family – I know this might sound like a given, but it’s much more than that. My family is my why.

2) Exercise – Ok so you’re probably thinking ‘You sure don’t look it.’ Well, I’m confident that one day my love for being active will show lol.

3) Coffee – Lots of people love coffee. But how many of them do what I call the Coffee Dance? I will seriously start dancing the moment my daily coffee hits my hands. And if I’m being completely honest, most times it’s what gets me out of bed so early in the morning.

4) Baking – I’ve loved to bake ever since I was a kid pushing out baked goods from my Easy Bake Oven. Today I bake anything and everything. My son is always giving me great ideas for new things to whip up. I hope to one day open my own little bake shop. But right now I’ll settle for at least getting my Etsy shop up and running.

5) Laughing – They say laughter is the best medicine.

6) Traveling – I love visiting new places, seeing new things, trying new foods, etc. This world is a big place and I want to see as much of it as I can.

7) Rocky Movies – These movies are easily the most quoted around my home. And for good reason. They’re inspirational!

8) Music – Whether I’m at home, in the car, in the bath tub, or whatever, music will always set the mood for me. I prefer metal and rock, but I’ll also rock the oldies and even some hip hop from time to time. I’m all set with country though.

9) Spreading happiness – Nothing makes me happier than seeing others happy. I often go out of my way for the people in my life just to see them smile. It’s a great feeling.

10) Life – In my 34 years I’ve been through a lot. I’ve had a lot happen to me and I’ve been knocked down more times than I care to count. It was never a matter of IF I wanted to get back up because no matter what I always do. I may have lost a lot, but I’ve gained so much more. I may have fallen behind, but I always catch up. Life is beautiful that way.


10 Things I Hate

1) Injustice – I’m going to have to steal one of Lulle’s answers. But this is definitely a big hate for me. So much so that my husband utters the words ‘Calm down, Batman!’ several times a week. True story.

2) Bugs – Keep them the hell away from me. Or you’ll hear me screaming from miles away.

3) My brother-in-law – Because he’s a big fat piece of donkey chet.

4) Loud chewing – It’s like nails on a chalk board for me. See also: brother-in-law.

5) Liars – I don’t like being lied to. But who does?

I’m sorry that I can’t think of 10 things. There’s not much that I hate I guess. I’d rather try and focus on the good anyway. :)

Now I have to tag a few people. Of course you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. I’m sure y’all know the drill! I tag Anne from, Julie from, and Zovesta from

21 Comments on “Love/Hate Tag” »
  1. I like/dislike almost the same things .. although I don’t have any in-laws that I don’t like, but then again they are mostly out of state .. lol.

    I also greatly dislike bugs .. especially in the house. I will probably destroy my house to kill a fly if it dares to think it can be IN MY HOUSE!

    MonicaP recently posted…A jeans dayMy Profile

    • Lucky! I’ve always said I got the in-law’s from hell lol. Being out in the country I deal with a lot of bugs. Some of the scariest I’ve ever seen too. :(

  2. OMG, 100% with you on the loud mouth chewing, I mean seriously? You’re not raised to be a barn animal! Drives me absolutely crazy! LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
    Shireen L. Platt recently posted…REVIEW: Maybelline ColorBlur My My MagentaMy Profile

  3. Jaa

    Fun read, Lisa! I feel like I know you a little more now! :D I do love most of the things you love except exercise (uh huh, I don’t love it, I hate that I have to do it, lol), coffee, and baking! Life is a wonderful thing and I cherish every day regardless of whether it’s a good or bad day. Everything teaches us to be stronger and better as a person. :)
    Jaa recently posted…Tool Thursday: Beautyblender BlotterazziMy Profile

    • Thank you, Jaa! I will actually be in a bad mood if I can’t get in my daily walk. It just completes my day. :) And you’re absolutely right!

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed doing this! I’ll tag you anytime I have an opportunity now :p

    Loud chewing OMG!! It makes me cringe and want to throw my plate of food in the person’s face!
    And I can’t believe I didn’t mention tea in my list of loves, your coffee answer made me realize it. I have an addiction to tea, especially Earl Grey, and if I don’t get my tea first thing in the morning I feel like I’m not going to make it through the day!

    I can relate to your answer about Life. I feel like I’ve lived multiple lives already, and sometimes the end of a cycle was devastating, but hey, I’m still here, and not going anywhere! I’ve also come to realize that hits don’t hurt quite as bad if you’re taking control, instead of waiting for things to happen which is what I naturally tend to do. Making progress slowly here!
    Lulle recently posted…10 things I love, 10 things I hateMy Profile

    • I did! And thank you! :)

      The chewing is a really big deal for me. I get a lot of crap for it, but it just sets me off. I wish it didn’t, but hey I can’t help it lol.

      I love tea too! I actually have a tea station set up in my home with various teas. But coffee is my true love. It’s difficult to only pick 10 loves, isn’t it?

      I swear that’s how I feel at times too. The living multiple lives. Especially with all that’s happened. It’s been a slow process for me as well though. I used to crumble to the ground whenever things were thrown my way. Lucky me I get hit with like 20 different things all at once lol. But somehow I always make it through and that’s something I couldn’t always see in the beginning. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been better at reminding myself of that. It helps!

      You’re pretty cool. Lulle! :)

  5. I love to cook but I was never very adventurous when it came to baking :). We pretty much like/not like the same things. Loud chewing gets me every single time OMG whenever my husband and I watch a movie, I just pray that he won’t grab any chips or popcorn haha. He seriously chews so loud, but I love him to death so I guess I have to put up with it lol ;)
    Paula recently posted…A balm cleanser’s best friendMy Profile

    • Hahaha my husband loves him some chips and sometimes I’ll just give him that look and he’ll roll his eyes and go into the next room. I swear he will seek out the crunchiest chips ever. :( lol

  6. I love the 10 things you love and I really like that you couldn’t think of ten things you hate. :) Good for you! xx
    Amanda Amaya recently posted…Kat Von D Lipstick in Piaf: Bending Beauty Standards & Still Being BeautifulMy Profile

  7. I got here through Lulle’s blog and really enjoyed reading your lists and Rocky’s quote. Very inspirational!
    Carol in a Page recently posted…Beauty on a Budget: Essence Gel Eye Pencil WaterproofMy Profile

  8. Now that is a double tag for me, Carol in a page tagged me two days ago.But I will happily accept and publish it soon.
    Not getting up to ten things makes you a very nice person, I guess. I enjoy people that focus on the good stuff!
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted…Recent Reads – Mr. Penumbras 24 hours book storeMy Profile

    • I can’t wait to read yours! I don’t know about nice lol. If this was going back a few years my hates would probably take up a few pages. I’ve been working on changing that though. Small steps. :)

  9. Hah! I never tag you because I’m always afraid I’d be bothering you. =P Duly noted!

    Thanks so much for the tag. <3 <3 Also, pshaw, you definitely look like you love to exercise. Your own bake shop sounds like fun! I really loved reading your answers, alas, poor brother-in-law. ;)

    • Awww it’s ok! Of course you wouldn’t be bothering me. I think that’s why I kind of shy away from tagging people myself. I personally find tags to be fun, but I know there are people who get annoyed by them. Eep!

      Thank you, Zovesta! <3 And no... no poor brother-in-law. He's evil. Like salting the doorway to prevent his entrance kind of evil lol.

  10. I’m glad you only had five hates – life’s too short for hating!! I think coffee is one of my true loves in life. I wake up early just to get a mug in. At my worst I was downing 9 to 10 cups a day but I’m down to a reasonable two cups (with two pots of tea) a day! #FirstWorldProblems
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    • Oh I hear that! Some days I have to try harder than others, but it gets easier to focus on the good. :)

      9-10 cups??? Dang, girl! I remember doing shots of espresso with a coworker back when I worked at Starbucks lol. I would do a few a day on top of my daily latte. I couldn’t do that today. I’d be WIRED!!!

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