October 2013 Birchbox

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1. ChapStick® Hydration Lock

2. Benefit Fakeup

3. Bain de Terre macadamia oil NOURISHING SHAMPOO

4. Bain de Terre macadamia oil NOURISHING CONDITIONER

5. Karuna Clarifying Treatment Mask

My October 2013 Birchbox is a bit of a dud. Let’s start with the ChapStick® Hydration Lock (this also came with a $1.00 off coupon). I haven’t used chapstick since I was a teenager. I wasn’t a fan then and I’m certainly not a fan now. I do however love me some Rosebud Perfume Co. Minted Rose Lip Balm and Jurlique Rose Love Balm. Those are my go-to lip moisturizers and my picky lips pretty much shun anything else. The Benefit Fakeup was a nice addition. I don’t always get enough beauty sleep so I can see how this under eye concealer would come in handy. That and I’ve been wanting to try it for some time now. The Bain de Terre macadamia oil NOURISHING SHAMPOO and NOURISHING CONDITIONER isn’t something I’ll use. Don’t get me wrong, it looks interesting and the sample size is VERY generous! And something about macadamia nut screams silky smooth and creamy. But definitely not for someone with a nut allergy. The Karuna Clarifying Treatment Mask seems interesting. I do still suffer from the occasional break out and while I do have my go-to products that seem to do the trick, I’m always looking for something more. Something a little better.

I want to say that this wasn’t exactly worth $10.00 for ME because I won’t be keeping the majority of the items. But considering that just ONE of those Karuna Clarifying Treatment Masks averages about $7.00 and the few uses I’ll get from the Benefit Fakeup (seriously, it’s TINY!), I’d have to say that I am in fact getting my money’s worth.

Well, there you have it. This is going to be my last Birchbox and Ipsy bag (figured I’d throw that in there, too). I do think that both monthly subscriptions are great for those who enjoy getting surprises in the mail. It’s even better for those who like to experiment with new products. As for me? I find myself giving the samples away more than anything. I rarely get excited over anything in my box/bag anymore. So for ME it’s a waste. If there’s something I want I can just purchase it instead of opting to receive a tiny sample in the mail. So definitely good for people who will actually keep and use the stuff. Not good for the picky people like myself who will only end up giving everything away. I’m sure I will miss the excitement of it all though.

Are you subscribed to any monthly subscription boxes/bags? What are your thoughts on them?

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  1. stephany | October 19, 2013

    I don’t get birchbox but I would’ve been pissed if I wouldve got this box! It’s really not worth it ;(

    • Lisa Marie | October 19, 2013

      Well, I wasn’t pissed lol. But it’s definitely not something I would’ve spent my $10.00 on. I think I’m just past the whole monthly subscription thing. I’d much rather save my money for stuff I know I’ll use and like.

  2. Natalie | October 21, 2013

    I feel like I would end up feeling this way if I subscribed to a box. I think it would be fun for a bit, but then I would want to spend my money on makeup I picked.
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    • Lisa Marie | October 30, 2013

      Exactly! It can be fun with the excitement of waiting to see what you get. But that can quickly fade if you get something you don’t like/won’t use.

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