SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set Revisited

September 24, 2018 | Beauty, SauceBox | 4 Comments »

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SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set Revisited

SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set

SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set Revisited


Midwest Glam has been up and running since 2013. I’d like to think I’ve come a long way since the earlier days. I’m not saying I’m where I want to be now. I’ll always strive to be better. But looking at my photos, swatches, and looks from the earlier days has me cringing. Some were so bad I’ve honestly considered taking down the post. But I won’t do that. We all start somewhere. I kind of like looking back to see how much has changed. Even if it pains me.

Rather then take down my cringe-inducing posts I thought it might be fun to sort of revisit them. The photos won’t be as great because the product has been used, but I can still change it up a bit. I can take better swatches. I can redo those looks. Maybe use a heavier hand? Really go for it this time. Again, I’m not saying this is IT or perfect in my eyes. But it’s my idea of a much better attempt.

Anyway, now that it’s officially Fall I’ve been eying all of the Fall palettes. I swear they can slap the words pumpkin spice on anything and I’d buy it. But I’m trying not to buy into the hype. Pumpkin spice donut? I’ll take two please. Pumpkin spice palette? Um… pretty sure I already own a bunch of orange, red, and brown shades. So I went digging through my collection and sure enough I had plenty of Fall inspired sets/palettes. One of my favorites being the SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set.

You can see the original post here. It’s a really pretty set that contains 5 eyeshadows. The pans are pretty big. I have them in a Z-Palette alongside some other single eyeshadows. What I like about this set is that the first shadow can also be used as a highlighter. Which is how I use it whenever I reach for this set. You can see my updated look below.

SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set Revisited
SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set Revisited

For this look I used the 1st shade on my lid, I used the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shades in my crease, I used the 5th shade on my outer lid/crease, I used the 4th and 5th shade on my lower lash line, and the 1st shade was also used on the inner corner of my eye as well as my highlighter (on my face).

The Autumn Goddess Set is easily one of my favorite Fall sets. The colors scream Fall. They are nicely pigmented and apply and blend like a dream. SauceBox recently had a restock for a short time. It’s currently sold out, but they seem to restock from time to time. I got lucky a few years back and was able to scoop it up during one of their restocks.

What are your favorite Fall sets/palettes?


Product: SauceBox Autumn Goddess Set
Price: $25.99

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  1. Loving those oranges and warm tones! You have beautiful skin! :)

  2. Perfect fall shades like you shade… I have most of such shades in my collection so probably I will not purchase these…but anyways beautiful shades…

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