Updated makeup storage: Part 1

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Updated makeup storage: Part 1

Please excuse the ring light. I know it’s distracting, but the lighting in my room is horrible. Without this light this entire corner would be dim.

I’ve written this post over and over about a dozen times. There’s just so much ground I want to cover. So I’ve decided to break it up into 2 parts so y’all aren’t stuck scrolling forever and a day.

To make an incredibly long story short, my wonderful husband surprised me with one heck of a Christmas gift. A trip to Ikea for more makeup storage! Yep, our area finally got an Ikea! Anyway, you might remember me mentioning a while back how he was against the typical Ikea Alex/Malm setup. Yes, it’s ultimately MY decision, but he was surprised that I wanted the same typical setup as everyone else. But I figured everyone stuck to that setup for a reason. It’s not too costly, contains lots of storage room, everything matches beautifully, and you can easily add on.

So now I have a new desk/vanity and lots of storage. I never thought I’d have my dream setup in our current home since it’s so small, but my husband totally made it work. He built it all and rearranged everything in the room until it was set up the way I wanted. I’m so grateful and I absolutely LOVE it! Walking into my room puts such a huge smile on my face. It’s so neat and organized! It’s pretty and everything matches! It might not be the most epic setup, but it turned out exactly how I envisioned. And the way I have it set up makes my work flow so much more smoothly! No more having to move things off of my tiny work space to take photos. No more digging through my craft drawer for props. You get the idea!

Now let me show you have I have it all organized! Starting with the Alex drawers. I’ll show you how I have my toolbox organized in part 2.

Updated makeup storage: Part 1

Surprisingly there aren’t many websites that show how to organize the Alex drawers. I mean you definitely see a lot of beautifully organized drawers, but no details on how they actually organized it. I did come across a few websites that displayed a rather nice DIY divider system made out of foam boards. The end result was really nice, but we just couldn’t get the cuts clean enough. We ended up with very choppy looking dividers. Not only that it was very messy! And kind of dangerous because that blade is sharp as heck! Yet we still didn’t get clean enough cuts. After cutting out dividers for just ONE drawer we shuddered at the thought of having to repeat the process nine more times!

Updated makeup storage: Part 1

Mainstays Square Mini Storage Trays 3-Pack $0.97

Then I came across this website that suggested using these baskets from Walmart. I wasn’t too sold on the idea at first, but after seeing the end result I was pleasantly surprised. It’s also a much easier and budget friendly option. Not to mention a much safer option! It’s also a lot more convenient as the baskets can easily be moved around to reach items in the far back of the drawer. Something you can’t really do with the foam board dividers. In the photo where I show the foam board dividers, there’s actually another row in back that couldn’t be accessed.

The website I came across used 2 different sized baskets. I only used the square baskets, but placed them differently in the drawer so that they’d fit. Doing it my way you can fit 7 baskets in a single drawer. I personally like it better this way as I don’t really have use for the larger baskets.

Updated makeup storage: Part 1

Drawer #1 | Essentials, products used regularly

Updated makeup storage: Part 1

Drawer #2 | New stuff, products to photograph/review

Updated makeup storage: Part 1

Drawer #3 | Samples

Updated makeup storage: Part 1

Drawer #4 | Eye products, eyeliner, mascara, lashes, brow products

Updated makeup storage: Part 1

Drawer #5 | Makeup removers

Updated makeup storage: Part 1

Drawer #6 | Props

Updated makeup storage: Part 1

Drawer #7 | Camera accessories, planners, pens

I still have to track down more baskets for the remaining 3 drawers. I’ll update this post once they’re organized to my liking.

So there you have it! My new setup and how I have it all organized! This project has kept me busy all week!

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  1. Such a thoughtful gift from your husband! Everything looks so neat & tidy! I’m looking forward to part 2! xx
    Beautylymin recently posted…What I got for Christmas 2016 featuring This Works, Jo Malone, YSL & more!My Profile

  2. Your husband is so sweet! I love your new storage, everything looks so clean and neat! I think the baskets work great in the drawers!

    Btw, are you happy with the ring light? What kind do you have? I have been thinking of getting one.
    Agata recently posted…5 Ways to Shine this New Year’s EveMy Profile

  3. OMG, this is magazine worthy, girl! Love the set up! <3 – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com
    Gingi Freeman recently posted…Foundmi Bluetooth Tracking Tags for GeeksMy Profile

  4. MonicaP

    Love it ! It must be so much fun to do your makeup in that room :-)


  5. Wow, looks o nit and clean. very well organized.
    vidya recently posted…6 Surprising Uses of AspirinMy Profile

  6. Oh your husband is so sweet :) i love the way you are organizing your makeup collection :)
    Claire Talks Beauty recently posted…Hard Candy All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stain ReviewMy Profile

  7. Your husband is just too sweet and I absolutely love your storage idea. It looks wonderful :)
    Karishma Rajendrakumar recently posted…Anastasia Beverly Hills In Ashton | ReviewMy Profile

  8. This way seems more neat…eager to see part 2..
    Anubhuti recently posted…Lakme CC Complexion Care Cream Beige Review & SwatchesMy Profile

  9. I can’t wait for our home to be completely build and I’ll have proper storage for my makeup! Love how you store yours, Lisa!
    Shireen L. Platt recently posted…The Amazing World of Rouge Bunny RougeMy Profile

  10. What a great gift! It keeps everything perfectly tidy without taking up a lot of space or clashing with decor.
    Chris recently posted…LA Girl Pro Conceal Corrector in OrangeMy Profile

    • Thank you! Yeah I was really worried about the pink tool box in the beginning because I wasn’t sure how well it would match other furniture. My last desk was dark brown and it really didn’t look that nice side by side.

  11. I love seeing where people store their makeup, so this was a treat!
    ellesees.net recently posted…NEW Maybelline Makeup Reviews + SwatchesMy Profile

  12. Zovesta

    Aww, that was so sweet of your husband!! I love how you organized your makeup. =) Looks great! The dollar stores have some handy storage containers, for sure! It may be a common setup, but I dunno, I think it just looks timeless and chic at the same time.

    By the way, if you’re interested, one idea I liked for diy storage/dividers was cereal boxes spray painted/covered in fabric or paper. I wish I could find the original post for it, but it was pretty cute – lay the boxes flat, cut with a ruler and utility knife, put back into the right shape, paint/cover with fabric or paper.

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