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Welcome to Midwest Glam! My name is Lisa Marie and I run this blog. I started Midwest Glam back in 2013. It started off as a beauty blog and remained as such for about a year. After a short hiatus I decided to bring back Midwest Glam, but made room for some of my other hobbies. While I do LOVE my beauty products, it's not the only thing I'm passionate about. I also love to cook. Baking especially! I also love taking photos. Although I would never label myself a photographer, it's really just more of a hobby.

All of the content, Wordpress themes, graphics, photos, etc. are all mine unless otherwise stated.

A little about me

I'm 40. I'm happily married to my best friend. We have the most amazing little boy who is now officially taller than me. We live in a small town in Southern Illinois, but we're city folk at heart. We love to travel together, but really only get to about once a year. However, we find lots of things to do locally. We're always out and about and can find fun in just about anything we do so long as we're together.

When I'm not with my guys I'm usually working on one of my websites. As much as it stresses me out I do enjoy it. Aside from that and the stuff listed below you'll probably catch me out walking around. No matter where I live I'm known as the walker. No, not The Walking Dead type of walker. Walking is my favorite form of exercise and I do A LOT of it! I'm hoping one day it will show lol. Oh yeah, and I watch a lot of movies and TV shows.

Love Ethan Alexander


Beauty-wise you can expect to see photos of new (and not so new) beauty products, swatches, reviews, and monthly wishlists. Some of my favorite brands are MAC, ColourPop, and Jouer. While I'm always eager to try new things, these just happen to be the brands taking up most of the room in my toolbox.


As I mentioned before, I love to cook! I have certain menu items in rotation for every season. Kind of boring, huh? Well, every once in a while I kick things up a notch and throw something new into the mix. So you'll probably see a lot of that here.


Most photos are taken with Jack; my Canon EOS Rebel T3i. And when I'm feeling lazy I whip out my iPhone. As of May 2015 I now have a mini studio of sorts in my bedroom. Complete with a makeshift backdrop and fancy lighting. I use various bases, backdrops, and props for my photos. Almost everything was a DIY project using supplies from either Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Photography titles are mostly named after song titles, lyrics, or artists.

Want some more info? Check out my Behind the Scenes post! If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me! Thanks for stopping by!

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Welcome to Midwest Glam! My name is Lisa Marie and this is where I blog about all things beauty, food, and photography. While I mainly focus on beauty topics, I do weekly photography posts as well as the occasional recipe. Thank you so much for visiting!

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