ColourPop To And From

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Purchased By Me

ColourPop To And From

ColourPop To And From

ColourPop To And From

ColourPop To And From

ColourPop To And From

ColourPop To And From

ColourPop To And From

Swatches: Baewatch, Cami, Pack Pack, Parker, Tutu, Weekender

So y’all might be wondering why I’m blogging about products from a company that sent me crap smashed to bits and gave me the hardest time ever trying to get it replaced. For the record, I did in fact ban ColourPop. I’m very unhappy with how they handled my complaint. I honestly felt like they believed it was my fault. Yes, because I opted to receive something as fragile as a cream based highlighter surrounded in a thin piece of foam tucked inside of a flimsy paper package. I could go on about this incident, but in the end it just doesn’t matter. They lost my business. Not that it really matters to them, but I see no point in dedicating an entire post on how bad they messed up.

That being said, I do still have a bunch of ColourPop items to blog about. I went a little crazy last month and have a few dozen items to post. I do still love their products. I won’t sit here and lie and say it’s crap. Their customer service on the other hand is total crap. And once I make my way through my last few hauls I will not be posting any more new items from the brand. Unless I use older products in a look. I mean I’m not going to just throw them out! They’re great products! But ColourPop broke my heart and for that they must pay. Look at me sounding like a bitter ex!

After trying out the Hello Kitty Lippie Stix I was left wanting more. So when I saw the To And From set from the holiday collection, I just knew I had to make it mine. The packaging is on the bulky side. I think it would have been fine in the record case alone. The outer cardboard is a bit much to me. Like something they could use to send their fragile highlighters in to keep them from breaking.

Not so subtle digs aside, I love the shades included in this set! It’s a nice mix of neutral and bold. And all of them are matte! You can see all of the shades in action below!

ColourPop To And From

Baewatch is described as a dusty rose.

ColourPop To And From

Cami is described as a mid-tone mauve.

ColourPop To And From

Pack Pack is described as a deepened dirty plum.

ColourPop To And From

Parker is described as a mid-tone warm nude.

ColourPop To And From

Tutu is described as a blackened red violet.

ColourPop To And From

Weekender is described as a warm true red.

I found all of the shades to be surprisingly creamy. They all applied beautifully! A few of the darker shades can be a little stiff at first, but after a few applications they apply beautifully. Pack Pack and Tutu can look a little patchy. You’re also going to want to prep your lips really good beforehand because these two don’t play nice with dry lips. The other shades were much more forgiving. Pack Pack also looks much bolder in person. Aside from the slight patchiness it’s actually a very beautiful shade. My swatch really doesn’t do it much justice. I’ll have to work it into another look to really show her off. Tutu doesn’t look totally matte on me, but I don’t really mind because it really is a pretty shade. All of the shades were very comfortable. I didn’t find them to be drying. They don’t last too long and they really don’t hold up so well with food and drink. But reapplying is easy so it’s not really an issue with me.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase. I’m excited to have a few more of the Lippie Stix in my collection because I really do like them.

So how is the new year treating you so far?

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  1. That lip color, with your hair color is such a WINNING combination love!!! –
    Gingi Freeman recently posted…The Deep Throat – An X-Files Inspired CocktailMy Profile

  2. Loved the Swatches…the packaging is so cool..
    Anubhuti recently posted…Lakme CC Complexion Care Cream Beige Review & SwatchesMy Profile

  3. I do love all the shades on you! You wear all shades so well!
    Shireen L. Platt recently posted…The Amazing World of Rouge Bunny RougeMy Profile

  4. You’re not the first blogger I’ve heard talk about how terrible their customer service is! I heard they told the person to press back a broken eye shadow instead of replacing it. It was *just* one eye shadow – and how short-sighted are they? It now will cost them $100 of lost business because this blogger won’t buy from them again! And the same will be for you! Think of how many things you would have bought, and shared with your readers (aka doing free ads for them). But nope, they can’t get beyond the fact that they won’t replace ONE product. For shame!

    That said, I dig the packaging of this set. Cami is lovely – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that colour on another blog before and commented that I wanted it. My favourite on you is Parker.

    So long, ColourPop! (after you get through your backlogged reviews, of course)
    stashy recently posted…Trash Stash: December 2016My Profile

    • I’ve been feeling iffy with them for a while because I’ve also been hearing things. My friend actually purchased a bunch of liquid lipsticks from them once and when she opened them they sort of exploded or oozed all over her bedding set. When she reached out they basically told her that it happens and reassured her that the product was still good to use. She was like WHAT product? It’s all over my bedding set! After a lot of back and forth they finally replaced them. I just don’t get how they can see visual proof and still stand their ground knowing they messed up. And the whole press it back together thing really irks me. I know I’m just going to stick my fingers into it eventually anyway, but can’t I just have it look pretty for even a little while? Maybe get a nice photo out of it? :(

  5. It’s huge a shame that ColourPop decided to totally drop the ball on customer service, because those lippies really do look fabulous on you!
    Chris recently posted…LA Girl Pro Conceal Corrector in OrangeMy Profile

  6. Loved your red lippie so much. Nice shade. awesome collection.
    vidya recently posted…6 Period Mistakes Every Girl MakesMy Profile

  7. The packaging is cute, but I get what you mean! sorry to hear about the customer service fail. Those colors look pretty on you! recently posted…NEW MAKEUP HAUL + REVIEWS: Milani, Jordana, Rimmel, Wet N WildMy Profile

  8. This is such a cute collection! We’re still waiting on some ColourPop in our lives here in Ireland :-)
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  9. I’m sorry all of that happened to you. =( I have heard quite a few other people complain about their customer service, too. I’ve never had any issues, but I think the issues other people have had are why I don’t order from them very often. That being said, all of those lip colors look stunning on you! ColourPop has some great products, but they need to spend more time on their customer service instead on all of the product launches we have seen recently. Lol.
    Kristen Williford recently posted…First Impressions and Swatches of Wet n Wild’s Spring 2017 CollectionMy Profile

  10. I think Parker and Cami are my favorites. Sorry to hear about the terrible customer service they offer though, yikes…
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted…Video | Morning Snow WalkMy Profile

  11. I’m really sorry to hear about the poor customer service! That being said I love all the shades in this collection! Really beautiful and suits you really well!
    Husna Favaz recently posted…LUSH POWDERED SUNSHINE (SUNSCREEN IN POWDER FORM)My Profile

  12. All the shades are beautiful and looks lovely on you. Too bad it was out of stock when i made my order.
    Zubaida recently posted…Spa in a Bottle 24k Gold Serum – ReviewMy Profile

  13. Baewatch, Cami both shades are awesome though all look good on you 😊. Sad to hear about the customer service☹️
    Sonali recently posted…Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Mask ReviewMy Profile

  14. Zovesta

    Wow, Lisa!! You’re looking especially gorgeous lately. =D Are you styling your hair a bit differently?
    Dang, I can’t blame you for banning CP. I’m banning them more or less for my wallet’s sake, but the bad customer service is a disappointment. =( All of these shades look great on you!! Especially Baewatch and Pack Pack. CP’s mattes make my lips look like prunes, but you can definitely pull off that matte-but-moisturized look. Digging it!

    • Awww thank you, Zovesta! I’ve been experimenting a bit with lots of new hair care products. I’ve also started curling my hair a bit. Nothing too fancy lol.

      I’ve always loved their lip products. Their other products are pretty great too, but I always favored their lip products. They take up most of my lip storage. But I just can’t with their bad customer service. :(

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