ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection

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ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection

ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection

ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection

Swatches: Champagne Toast, Pancakes Please, French Toast, Skinny Latte, Cinnamon Sugar, Mimosa

ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection

Swatches: Maple Syrup, Sundae Funday, Sunny Side Up, Americano, Brunch Club, Extra Slice

ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection

Swatches: @ Me, Swipe Right, Soul Mate

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that I’m at war with ColourPop again. Their products aren’t the issue. Like with most brands they have their hits and misses. I personally think they have more hits than misses which is why I’m such a fan. However, their customer service is by far the worst I’ve ever had to deal with. I won’t bore you with details, but I will say that I’m tired of their crap. In the past I’ve had to deal with receiving broken products. Trying to get a replacement was like walking through a maze with no end in sight. They keep asking for photos despite the many I had already sent. When you start showing signs of irritation they rudely tell you that they will send you a replacement ‘this time’ as if they are doing you some huge favor. It really rubbed me the wrong way. Shortly after those days they introduced their pressed products. I caved and started to order again thinking their Super Shock products were the problem. Maybe they just didn’t ship well? I still had issues with their pressed products, but it wasn’t as bad.

My problem this time? Well, when their newest collection launched I decided to place an order. The ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection looked so cute! Especially the Pressed Powder Blush in Soul Mate. I saw so many swatches and just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Once it arrived I swatched it and it was a huge powdery mess. This couldn’t be right! Yet somehow it was. I would swipe and the product would just clump up and fall off. It wouldn’t blend out or stick to my skin. In fact in my swatch that’s several swipes going back and forth just to get the color to even show. I reached out to ColourPop to see if maybe I had received a bad batch. After days of back and forth they refused to answer my question and refused to replace my blush because to them nothing was wrong with it. Um… ok? This was even after sending them a video of me live swatching the blush. I was left feeling disappointed and angry.

Ok so I guess this was rather detailed. I guess I needed to vent? I get that not every product can be a winner. I’ve dealt with quite a few duds in my time. And for the price you really can’t complain much. However, something just didn’t add up here. Mine is nothing like any of the others I’ve seen. Obviously some people have received this blush in perfectly swatchable condition. All I wanted was a replacement. I wasn’t looking for a handout or even a refund. I just wanted what I paid for. Simple as that. Yet instead of trying to keep one of their biggest customers happy they go and insult me. I wish I could say I’ve sworn them off yet again and I probably should especially after telling their customer service right where they can stick their useless $5.00 promo code, but I’ll probably order from them again.


Anyway, onto the review.

ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection

Pressed Powder Shadow Palette in Brunch Date
I probably didn’t need the Pressed Powder Shadow Palette in Brunch Date, but it was too cute to pass up. Brunch Date contains 12 shadows in both matte and metallic finishes. I don’t think any of the shades really stand out, but like I said it is a cute palette. They are nicely pigmented and blended beautifully. Brunch Club is the beautiful cobalt blue shade. That’s the shade that really stands out in the palette. It did need to be built up a bit.

ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection

Ultra Matte Lip in @ Me
The Ultra Matte Lip in @ Me is described as a dusty pink mauve. It’s the most gorgeous nude and paired really well with some of the bolder shades in the Brunch Date Palette. It applied nicely and lasted quite a while. It was still going strong at the end of the day. It was a little drying, but it wasn’t bothersome.

ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection
ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection

Pressed Powder Highlighter in Swipe Right
The Pressed Powder Highlighter in Swipe Right is described as a soft peach with a pink duochrome flip. Swipe Right was indeed silky soft and glided onto my skin. It gives off such a nice glow. It’s easily one of the more unique highlighters in my collection. It’s very pretty and a fun shade to work with.

ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection

Pressed Powder Blush in Soul Mate
The Pressed Powder Blush in Soul Mate is described as a petal pink. I was so looking forward to this blush because it looked like the most perfect Spring shade. However, once my brush touches the blush it turns to powder. If I tap off any excess I’m not left with much on my brush. It literally just falls off. I have scraped off a hefty layer and was able to get a really beautiful application. But it faded within the hour. The next time I went to use the blush I had the same problem. A huge powder fest! If I don’t tap off any excess I at least get some color payoff. But it’s patchy and doesn’t blend out easily. It definitely does not make for a good look.

You can see a look I created with all of these products below.

ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection

Overall, I do think it was a really cute collection. I wish I could be more excited about it, but honestly ColourPop ruined the experience for me.

Have you tried anything from the ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection? Also, if you purchased the Soul Mate Blush, how was it?


Product: ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection
Price: $5.00 – $89.00

34 Comments on “ColourPop X Zoella Brunch Date Collection” »
  1. First of all, you look gorgeous as always!!! The palette is so pretty! So is the lippie. I think that would be the only thing I’d pick up tbh. But yes, their CS is terrible!!! I’ve had a go with them
    2-3-4 times lol 😂😂

  2. This looks like great products!
    LunaCat Studio Photography recently posted…Quel est le meilleur âge pour faire une séance photo bébé ?My Profile

  3. Samantha

    I love all of the shades! Pink is my go to’

  4. Such beautiful selection of eye shadows, i love the dark colors and sometimes wish i was capable of applying it properly q
    Everydaydonia recently posted…Shein Matching outfitMy Profile

  5. perfect choice of eye shadows, we are a huge fan of the light colours thanks for a great write up too.

  6. Blush looks good, it would have been great if there was no fall-off
    subha Bose recently posted…DIY Instant Tan Removal Face PackMy Profile

  7. Omg this is the cutest collection! Love the office meme too haha

  8. Great post! I personally would not use Zoella beauty products, but this was great read and the colours are lovely!

    Ashlee |
    Ashlee recently posted…EAT WALK EDINBURGH | TASTE OF EDINBURGHMy Profile

  9. I have a few ColourPop products. I’ve never tried any shadows but I do like some of the new palettes I have saw launch. Now, I may not be so eager to purchase. I’m pretty picky.

    • I hear that! Their shadows are really great, but I haven’t tried many of their face products. Sadly this blush was a dud. :(

  10. Lambam

    I love colour pop products! Their eye shadows are super pigmented and affordable to buy . Thank you for sharing with us .

  11. I didn’t pick up this collection, but it looks so cute! I have to say I’m bit tempted, but I have 2 orders coming from them x

    Laura recently posted…Review: BYS Cosmetics Butterfly CollectionMy Profile

  12. These are such fun colors. Although not my style, I’m sure someone else could rock the heck out of them. Great job with the review.
    vanessa recently posted…Losing Weight for Optimal Health & Wellness…I’m Ready!My Profile

  13. These all look so cute. I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing their customer service, since I’ve only ordered one thing from them, lippies. I never ordered from them after that lol It’s unfortunate that they seem to have unreliable and rude customer service, though! That would be enough for me to never purchase from a brand again.
    Vivienne recently posted…The Green LifeMy Profile

    • I hear that! You’d think it would be enough for me too. And it really should. But I really do like their products.

  14. Janiel Green

    omg – I love that color palatte! I feel like the warm and orange trends are really going to be a thing this summer. I already bought a ton of burnt orange stuff – so excited to try this out with those outfits!

  15. I’ve been seeing a lot about colorpop and have considered trying it. Thank you for sharing such an honest review! You look beautiful by the way! ❤️

  16. Though I wasn’t interested buying these collection but the swatches of the eyeshadow palette is calling me. And the whole collection looks so pretty gorgeous
    Nafisa recently posted…Korean beauty you need to tryMy Profile

  17. colourpop customer care is the worst…i have stopped ordering from them now…everytime one or the other problem…
    Anubhuti recently posted…Makeup look : Soft Warm EyesMy Profile

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