July 2015 Wishlist

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This month’s wishlist is a bit different. Every year my family and I try to visit some place different. Last year was a difficult year between the two moves and some health related issues (which mostly turned out to be nothing, thank God). So we didn’t get to take our yearly mini-vacation. We want to make up for it this year.

1. Let’s start with a trip back home. Not exactly MY home, but my husband and our son’s home. My husband and son were both born in New Jersey. I was born in Rhode Island in case y’all were wondering. I do consider Jersey to be home because it was the first place I ever truly felt at home. And well, it’s where I started my life/started a family. Anyway, we’ve been living in Illinois for about 6 years now. We’ve been wanting to visit back home for a while, but never really had the chance to make it back there. This just might be the year we finally make it back home!

2. Ah New York! NYC is one of my favorite cities! When we lived in Jersey we lived so close to NYC that we’d visit a few times a year. Those were some of the best times I’ve ever had. There’s nothing like taking a nice long stroll through Central Park with my guys and a nice cup of coffee in hand. I sort of feel like I’m cheating by adding this to the list since it’s only a 20 minute drive from Jersey, but hey, it IS a different state.

3. Louisiana has been on my list of places to visit for a while. I’d love to visit New Orleans! I’m part French and can’t make beignets (not perfectly anyway) and I hear New Orleans is the place to go for that sort of thing. But all jokes aside, it looks like a lovely city and I can’t wait to take it all in.

4. My husband really wants to visit Kansas City, Missouri and I really want to go to Kansas. Mostly so that I can take a picture of a random farm and say that I’ve been to Kent Farm. I’m a HUGE Superman/Smallville fan! *shrug* This way we both get what we want. And this trip is more doable as it’s only a 5 hour drive away.

One of my life goals is to visit every US state and collect a post card for my scrapbook. I have to revisit a few states because I wasn’t thinking about the whole scrapbook thing and ended up getting magnets and shot glasses. I’ll be better prepared this time.

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  1. That is a cute scrapbook idea. And a great excuse for traveling, if you need any.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted…Favorite Face of … JuneMy Profile

  2. Same here – would love to visit every state :-) I’d also love to go to New York and the southern states like Georgia or Louisiana :-)

    I’m an east coaster as well .. born in Boston, but alas, my home is truly California.

    MonicaP recently posted…NYDJ Crop Denim PantsMy Profile

  3. I love your travel plans! I’d love to visit Louisiana too and try some real cajun chicken. My dad is a massive fan of Cajun music and, of course, Country & Western. Sometimes growing up in my small suburban Irish home, you’d swear we were living in the Deep South or Nashville with all those songs of love lost we had to listen to :-)
    Becca | theBeautyInbox
    Becca recently posted…Three Things: New favouritesMy Profile

    • Hahaha there’s a lot of country music around these parts, but I’m not really a fan. A lot has grown on me, but not that lol.

  4. i’ve been to all 50 states–it took me years and i’m old, haha. NOLA is my fave US city. i instantly fell in love with it.
    ellesees.blogspot.com recently posted…June Chat: It Cosmetics Giveaway, SBS Con, Summer Trips, #JALS Update & MoreMy Profile

  5. Cute travel idea! I’d love to go somewhere on the west coast, it looks like you can get everything at your fingertips. I was in New York on a family holiday when I was younger and was kinda put off. The people were very blunt! I would go back to give it another chance though, such an interesting city.
    Lorraine – John, It’s Only Makeup recently posted…Dior Lip Glow Dupe Hunting – Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow Swatch + ReviewMy Profile

    • Awww yeah I guess NYC isn’t for everyone. Truthfully I felt more at home there than I do down here. :( It really is a beautiful city though.

      But the West Coast is going to be a big one for me. So many things to see and do!

  6. YAY, New Jersey! I was born and raised there so it will always be my home. My husband and I live in FL now, but I so miss being able to drive into NYC for a day trip, especially during Christmas!
    Julie recently posted…Face of the Day (FOTD): 03 July 2015My Profile

  7. Hey I didn’t know you were part French!
    My travel wishlist is LONG! I love to travel and discover new places. Hopefully, we’re going to Hawaii this fall (fingers crossed). Other places I’d like to go in the US: NYC of course, New Orleans, Portland Oregon, New Mexico, and maybe go back to Seattle and explore the Olympic peninsula.
    I’d also really like to take a trip back home to France but plane ticket prices are just insane!
    Lulle recently posted…#FrenchFriday: Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in Nude InsolentMy Profile

    • Yes! My Grandmother used to teach me some French when I was younger and while most didn’t stick, I do remember some words/phrases. Though I’m sure I’m pronouncing them wrong lol.

      Oh my list is long too! This is just a list for the year. The more doable ones.

      Hawaii sounds amazing! I hope you’re able to go. I can’t wait until I can scratch that one off my list. And France? OMG! Don’t get me started haha! I bet it’s beautiful! Once I get over my fear of flying overseas I’m totally going to visit. One day!

  8. A travel wishlist is always fun. I have one myself. Mostly one to hit up the Asian (been around some but not much) and African continents. I hope that you get to visit all of these States soon my friend. xo
    Kimmy recently posted…Bahamas Independence Day Eye Makeup LookMy Profile

    • It is, isn’t it? It’s so exciting crossing places you’ve been to off your list. The world is such a big place and full of amazing things to see.

      Thank you, Kimmy! I hope you’re able to visit all the places you have listed as well! :)

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