Planner storage

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Planner storage

Planner storage

One day while scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled upon the cutest planner cart. I tried convincing myself that I didn’t need yet another cart for my supplies. I then transferred all of my planner supplies from my old storage unit to the right side of my vanity for easier access. It was easier, but it was definitely not organized. It was cluttered. When I showed my husband he stared at me for a good long minute before asking ‘But why?’ When I showed him what inspired me to do this he told me to get my jacket and off we went.

We walked into Michael’s and there she was. The most perfect planner storage cart ever! This cart is different from the one I saw on Instagram. This one already came with addons to keep everything neat and organized. It’s perfect! It’s very pricey, but the good thing about Michael’s is that they either always have a sale going on or you can use coupons. So I ended up getting this cart for 50% off!

There are 3 very wide and fairly deep shelves. Perfect for storing things laying down or upright for easier access. On the side is a pegboard with small ‘poles’ for hanging things. I have a few labels hanging there. Just above that is a storage basket perfect for pens and pencils. I placed the ribbon dowels in the front to store my washi. At the very bottom I placed the gift wrap organizer tray to store a few random craft supplies. There’s a hook rack as well that can be placed on the back. But I like to keep my cart against the wall so I decided to store it away until I need it. You can pretty much set it up any way you like. It’s pretty customizable. It also has wheels so that you can move it around easily.

I added a few baskets to keep my smaller supplies organized. They fit inside the shelves perfectly. There’s seriously so much you can do with this nifty little cart. I’m so glad that my husband convinced me to follow my heart and get what I really wanted. Not only is this cart super cute, but it’s so convenient. I love it!


Product: White Gramercy Cart By Recollections
Price: $99.99

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  1. Oh my gosh this is organisational heaven haha! I love storage at the best of times, but I love how you’ve organised your planner supplies. I’d love something like this for my skincare! xo

    Makeup Muddle
    Gemma @ Makeup Muddle recently posted…DIOR Addict Stellar Halo Shine Lipstick CollectionMy Profile

  2. Is it weird that I don’t have any planner? LOL! That is a really good cart!
    Shireen L. Platt recently posted…3 THINGS THAT CAN HINDER YOUR BEAUTY SLEEPMy Profile

  3. Oh, my Instagram feed is filled with posts like this! :) I want to arrange my notebooks, pens, too! I’ll see if I can find something similar to that.

  4. This is so well organized! I keep all my info on my phone, I always forget about my paper planners even though I love them. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  5. This is organization heaven! I am so bad at organizing, everything is always everywhere!
    Infinity Laser Spa recently posted…Microneedling At Home: Risks And BenefitsMy Profile

  6. I am always in awe of your organizational skills! If I could just get a few spare minutes (and get my 3 boys to have just a little bit of motivation to pick up, lol), I feel like I could have an amazing space!
    And I love all the features of this organizer!!!
    Marie Phillips recently posted…How Reading Positively Affects Your Brain ActivityMy Profile

  7. Do you use all of these planners?! I’ve never seen anything like this! Good job getting 50% discount! x
    Siobhán recently posted…Five products that I’m currently loving….My Profile

  8. I love this! I need to have a better storage area. I am working on decluttering.
    Amber Myers recently posted…Hey, It’s OkayMy Profile

  9. I love this! It’s every organisers dream.
    Nyxie recently posted…Anorexia Nervosa & other mental illnesses.My Profile

  10. What a cool cart. I want one and I dont even do crafts

  11. Very cute way to organize my mess. Thanks for sharing!
    Antony Marj recently posted…How To Invest In Stocks: A 2020 GuideMy Profile

  12. That is cute and must make life simpler to do your scrapbooking with such an organized way. I really like this.

  13. Wow! I wish I could be as organized as you. I love the tape holder. We always just put ours in boxes .

  14. I don’t do crafts but I love stationery. it looks soooo cute!
    Lyosha recently posted…Movie PremierMy Profile

  15. When I first read your blog title and saw the first image, I thought, “she has so many planners that she needs to organize them”. I personally prefer build-in storage and grateful that I have the space.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted…3 Myths About Your CustomersMy Profile

  16. Chantal

    That is such a great organizer. I have some many things at my place and that would be helpful to keep things in place.

  17. This is nice storage and organizer. Thank you for sharing the post.
    John Smith recently posted…Remove background in photoshop service | Clipping Path PhotoshopMy Profile

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