Sky Organics DIY Sweet Orange Body Butter Kit

March 6, 2017 | Beauty, Sky Organics | 10 Comments »

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Sky Organics DIY Sweet Orange Body Butter Kit

Deep Moisturizing Sweet Orange Body Butter DIY Kit

I love to cook. Baking especially. As often as I’m in the kitchen you’d think I’d try and combine my love of cooking and beauty and maybe make my own products. But I don’t. It’s so much easier to prance into the store and purchase some pre-made skin care products. After sniffing every single product in the store that is. Ok I guess that can be pretty time consuming and probably more expensive in the long run. The idea of making my own body butter just seemed like so much work. And I wouldn’t even know where to start.

So when Sky Organics sent me another one of their nifty DIY Kits for a yummy smelling body butter, I was all over it! With just 3 ingredients and a few simple steps I had my very own homemade body butter!

This DIY Kit is called Deep Moisturizing Sweet Orange Body Butter. It includes 16 oz Mango Butter, 16 oz Sweet Almond Oil, and 1 oz 100% Pure Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil. The included instruction card says to combine 1/2 cup Mango Butter and 1/2 cup Sweet Almond Oil in a double boiler. I whisked the ingredients until melted and well combined. Then I transferred it to a mason jar and placed it in the fridge. The card says to allow it to cool for 2-3 hours. Transfer to a bowl, add 10 drops of the Sweet Orange Essential Oil, and whip with a hand mixer for 5 minutes or until fluffy. Store in a mason jar.

Sky Organics DIY Sweet Orange Body Butter Kit

Allowing the mixture to cool for a few hours is what took the most time. The rest of the process was really quick and easy as was the cleanup. The end result was a nice, rich, refreshing body butter. I would definitely say that it was moisturizing. I did find it to be a little oily though. I’m not sure if maybe my measurements were off or maybe I just didn’t whip it good enough? It did eventually sink into my skin though and left it feeling really soft. The orange scent is amazing! It’s so refreshing!

Sky Organics DIY Sweet Orange Body Butter Kit

Like the Lavender Coconut Oil Hair Mask with Argan Oil Kit, the contents of this kit can also be used individually. I love using the Sweet Orange Essential Oil in my diffuser. The scent really does lift my spirits. Nothing like the sweet smell of citrus to get you going throughout the day. Seriously, it smells amazing! Check out my first post for more ideas on how to use these items individually.

Sky Organics DIY Sweet Orange Body Butter Kit

Overall I think the Deep Moisturizing Sweet Orange Body Butter Kit is pretty great. While making my own body butter isn’t something I plan to do often, it was a lot of fun experimenting. I also think these could make great gifts. Not just the kit itself, but the finished product. Just pour the body butter into a decorative jar and you’re good to go.

Have you ever made your own body butter?

*I received these products complimentary. I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this review. All opinions are completely my own.
10 Comments on “Sky Organics DIY Sweet Orange Body Butter Kit” »
  1. As I said on your previous post, this is such a fun and cool concept but I don’t think I can be arse about doing it often, I’m too lazy! LOL!
    Shireen L. Platt recently posted…Current Makeup Routine: Embracing ImperfectionMy Profile

    • Yeah I don’t think it’s something I’d do too often either, but it did leave me wanting to experiment more. I like the control I have over the ingredients and scents. I’m like a mad scientist over here thinking of crazy concoctions lol.

  2. This is so cool! I’ve never heard of the brand before, but it seems pretty amazing. How fun to make your own body products. :)
    Amanda Amaya recently posted…Getting Back Into Blogging with January Favorites!My Profile

  3. As rewarding as it can be to make your own beauty products, you’re right that getting started on your own can be a bit overwhelming. I like how easy this kit seems to make the process!
    Chris recently posted…Korres Powder Blush in 22 PurpleMy Profile

  4. I love making my own beauty products. This is so convenient. Would love to give it a try!
    Husna Favaz recently posted…ANTI-AGING AND MOISTURIZING FACE MASK AT HOMEMy Profile

  5. sounds really good..!! would love to give a chance.. :)
    chayani recently posted…Happy Women’s Day!!My Profile

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