The Ordinary Serum Foundation

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The Ordinary Serum Foundation

The Ordinary Serum Foundation

The Ordinary Serum Foundation


I feel like every time I review a foundation I mention how I don’t have many in rotation. It’s true though. I usually find what works and stick with it. Sometimes I’ll hear about a new and exciting foundation and will run out to get it only to be left disappointed. Due to my very sensitive and very picky skin, foundation is more miss than hit for me. So when I find a good one I just stick with it. However, sometimes I just can’t help myself. So when everyone started talking about The Ordinary Serum Foundation I just had to try it for myself.

It took me a while to get my hands on this foundation. Actually, it took me a while to get my hands on any of The Ordinary products. They always seem to be out of stock on the very few websites that carry the products. Probably due to the super low price. I finally got lucky and saw that my shade was in stock. I hate buying new foundation online because I never know what shade I’m going to need. I ended up using Temptalia’s Foundation Matrix and got a fairly decent match.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation is a medium coverage foundation with the lightweight feel of a serum. It offers buildable, natural looking coverage with a semi-matte finish. It’s oil free and cruelty free. It comes in a nice looking plastic bottle with a pump. The pump can be a bit tricky to operate. It doesn’t always dispense the right amount. Most of my other pumps can easily pump out a bit without making a mess. It’s very difficult getting just a bit to pump out. And sometimes it’ll just spurt out making a bit of a mess. Not sure if it’s a thing or maybe I just got a faulty pump. But I figured it was worth mentioning.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation

I went with the shade 1.2P which is suitable for light skin with pink undertones. I’d like to note that Temptalia’s Foundation Matrix suggested 2.0P, but after looking at swatches I felt that might be a tad too dark for me since it’s Winter and I haven’t seen the sun in months. I posted swatches of The Ordinary Serum Foundation in the shade 1.2P alongside a few of the other foundations I use in rotation. This isn’t all of them, but it’s the few I reach for the most.

As you can tell it’s a little watery, but not overly so. I did my usual routine of moisturizer, primer, etc. I applied it with my BeautyBlender. It applied and blended nicely. It did a great job at covering up all of my redness. Aside from the redness I don’t have much that needs to be covered up so I can’t comment on how well it does at covering imperfections. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it evened out my redness though. It built up nicely. I didn’t detect a scent. And it truly does feel lightweight! It held up pretty good throughout the day. After about 4-5 hours I could see it start to break up around my nose a bit. But none of the redness was poking through and my cheeks can get very rosy. By the time I went to wash it off it was still looking pretty good. You can see The Ordinary Serum Foundation in action below.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation

Overall, I’d have to say that this is a great foundation. It did a great job at evening out my redness and it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It’s not the most lasting foundation, but it holds up surprisingly well. I’d say this is a great going out foundation. Not so sure I’d say it was a great 9-5 foundation. I’d definitely opt for something more long lasting for those of you who work or have oily skin. But seeing as how I wear makeup to run a few errands, daily coffee runs and the occasional shopping trip, it’s perfect for me. I’ll definitely be adding this to the rotation.

Have you tried anything from The Ordinary? What foundation are you loving right now?


Product: The Ordinary Serum Foundation
Price: $6.70

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  1. I was tempted to give this foundation a try when it was first launched but soon forgot about it. Actually I got tired waiting for it to restock. And with all the drama that’s going on with the founder, I won’t be trying anything from the brand for a long time.
    Shireen L. Platt recently posted…THE MAKEUP EDITION: LIVE BOLDLY WITH REVLONMy Profile

    • I had no idea what you were referring to so I had to Google it. Crazy! Why do people have to ruin a good thing? :(

  2. I love foundations like this for errands and shopping days. But would deff prefer something with a little more coverage for work days.

  3. Looks good on you! I have this foundation and it’s just ok for me. The first time I used it I didn’t put a primer underneath and it wore off within a couple of hours especially around my nose and chin. Now I’ve paired it with different primers and it’s wearing better – but not great. The shade I was matched to is too dark for me right now so I’ll wait to wear it in the summer months. I’ve tried a couple of The Ordinary skincare bits and so far it’s been underwhelming. I guess I haven’t chosen winners yet… I don’t feel terrible since they’re so affordable. There’s a lot more for me to try!
    stashy recently posted…My Blogging HighlightsMy Profile

    • Awww that’s too bad. I ended up getting a few other products and those turned out to be huge misses for me. I really do love the serum foundation though. I typically opt for lighter-medium coverage anyway so it’s perfect for me. However, I can see how it might not work out for people who prefer fuller coverage.

  4. This looks pretty good…

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