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Welcome back to Midwest Glam! I took off for a little while due to some health/personal issues. But I’m back now and look forward to posting here again. I really did miss it!

There are some changes around here in case you haven’t noticed. In the sidebar you will see links to each category. Obviously Midwest Glam is no longer just a beauty blog. I’ve decided to combine my other blogs with this one. So don’t be too surprised if you suddenly start seeing recipes and random nature photos scattered about. I was always told that I had to just pick a single topic and blog about that and only that. Which is why I held onto all of my other blogs over the years. But as I started to deal with health issues, personal issues, and well, life in general, it started to become difficult to keep up with ONE blog let alone THREE. So here you have it! All of the things I love wrapped up in one little package. Just as it should have been all along.

Anyway, I know Midwest Glam doesn’t really have a great reputation and I’m trying very hard to change that. It seems like every time I try and revive one of my blogs something comes up. It’s been a horrible year and the things I’ve had to go through are things I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy (not that I have enemies). But the year is finally coming to an end and all I want is to make the most of it and go into 2015 with a fresh clean slate.


Welcome to Midwest Glam! My name is Lisa Marie and this is where I blog about all things beauty, food, and photography. While I mainly focus on beauty topics, I do weekly photography posts as well as the occasional recipe. Thank you so much for visiting!

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