Lynnderella S.W.A.K. Nail Polish

February 28, 2015 | Beauty, Nail Polish | 2 Comments »


Lynnderella S.W.A.K. Nail Polish


Zoya Avril Nail Polish

I bought this beautiful nail polish like 2 years ago so that I could give myself the prettiest Valentine’s Day mani. And I did. 2 years later and several days AFTER Valentine’s Day. Better late than never?

I really love the way it swatched over a white base, but when I thought I didn’t have a white polish (I did) I went with Zoya Avril. It still made for a pretty mani though. The hearts are all kinds of cutesy!

You’ll have to excuse my nubs. I’m pretty jealous of anyone with long beautiful nails. Mine just don’t grow that long and if they do they usually break. Like I’ve said before, I’m always cleaning or cooking or doing something that leaves my nails looking rather… well, like that!

You can find more Lynnderella nail polish here: Lynnderella eBay store
You can find more Zoya nail polish here:


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