MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection

March 12, 2015 | Beauty, MAC | 6 Comments »

Purchased By Me


MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection


MAC Bao Bao Wan Forbidden Sunrise Lipstick


MAC Bao Bao Wan Lavender Jade Lipstick


Swatches: Forbidden Sunrise, Lavender Jade

When I saw the Bao Bao Wan Collection pop up on the MAC website weeks before its official launch, I figured it would go live earlier than expected. So I did what any hardcore makeup lover would do. I stalked. Every day. For WEEKS! It didn’t launch early. And had I not been told by the woman dressed in all white standing in an all white room showing me how to make Chanel blush to wake up at that very moment, I would have missed out. Everyone has these kinds of dreams, right? RIGHT?

Crazy blush making dream aside, all I wanted were these 2 lipsticks. I find that it gets harder and harder to stand my ground and not buy entire collections just because it’s shiny, new, and pretty as hell! But I really didn’t need the eyeshadow palette or that gorgeous beauty powder. These lipsticks were must haves though.

Forbidden Sunrise is a matte and described as creamy orange. Lavender Jade is also a matte and described as dirty mauve with gold pearl. Lavender Jade is my favorite of the 2, but Forbidden Sunrise is a rather unique shade in my ever growing collection. I found both of these lipsticks to be very creamy and extremely comfortable. I only had to touch up once throughout the day which was nice. You can see both of these beauties in action below.


Were you able to get anything from the MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection? What did you get? What are your thoughts?


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